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Budoka (QUITO, 1985)

For the past 7 years my work has been evolving from a spontaneous and dirty expression, heavily influenced by Japanese manga and western experimental comics into a very diverse body of work that ignites erotic and colorful fantasies. I like to take women away from the place they have always occupied in art, the naked muse, and move them into a more active role, the owner of herself, the cyberpunk bdsm warrior, the one that tells you to not ask her to smile, the postfeminist antiheroine.





2017 Teaches bookbinding workshops for the community in different neighborhoods around the city. Cuenca, Ecuador.

2017 "Panspermia" collective exhibition. City museum. Cuenca, Ecuador.

2017  "Nomada" performance/live digital drawing. 10 de Agosto market. Sponsored by the Municipal Cultural office. Cuenca, Ecuador.

2017  "Women in art" collective exhibition. Quinta Bolivar. Cuenca, Ecuador.

2017 ¨San Violentin¨ collective exhibition. Cumbaya, Quito, Ecuador.

2016 Professor of Illustration, fanzine and character design. Arts Faculty, Cuenca University. Cuenca, Ecuador.

2016 “Immature pleasures” solo exhibition. Pentasiete art gallery. Cumbaya, Ecuador

2016 Teaches a ¨Handmade books¨ workshop at Casa Mitomana cultural center. Quito, Ecuador.

2016 Teaches a ¨Handmade books¨ workshop at the Contemporary arts center´s shop. Quito, Ecuador.

2015 Teaches a ¨Handmade books¨ workshop at Takeshi. Quito, Ecuador.

2015  “The floating world” Solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary art (MAAC), Guayaquil/Ecuador. 

2015 “The floating world” duo exhibition at the City Museum. Quito, Ecuador

2014  Artist in Residence. Akiyoshidai International Art Village. Yamaguchi, Japón.

2014 Teaches a "Handmade books" workshop for the art students of the Yamaguchi University. Yamaguchi, Japan.

2014 Achieved a Master of Fine Arts at the Cardiff Metropolitan University. Wales, UK.

2014 Artist in Residency on Lithography and screen printing. Frans Masserel Centrum, Belgium.

2014 Best alumni art project for “Budoka Studio”. Communication and Contemporary Art College, San Francisco de Quito University. Quito, Ecuador.

2014 Illustrations for the poster of the international kendo tournament “Mumeishi 3`s”. London, UK.

2014 Cover Illustrations for the book “Kendo, a Beginners Guide” by Sensei Terry Holt. London, UK.

2014 Feature on “Caja Negra” The best of Ecuadorian Illustration, collective exhibition and hard cover book. Quito, Ecuador. 

2014 Logo, brand concept and website for the Spanish casting agency "Takeshi". Quito, Ecuador.

2013 Restaurant menu illustrations. “La Huila”. Tumbaco, Ecuador.

2013 Senecyt postgraduate full scholarship beneficiary. Quito, Ecuador.

2013 Feature on the comics magazine "Lesparra Gusanada" Volume 2. Quito/Ecuador.

2013 Tatoo art designs. Quito, Ecuador.

2013 “Instintas” Women in street art, collective exhibition. Quito, Ecuador.

2013 Illustrations for tea packaging. “Bigote”. Cumbaya, Ecuador.

2013 Freelance illustrator for cultural TV show. "Satre" productions. Quito, Ecuador.

2013 Poster illustration for short film “Tortuosidades Acústicas”. Quito, Ecuador.

2013 Brand, logo, and product illustrations for Budoka Studio. Quito, Ecuador.

2012 Feature on "Bastard Art", street art in Ecuador Catalogue. Quito, Ecuador.

2012 Feature on the comics magazine "Lesparra Gusanada" Volumen 1. Quito/Ecuador.

2012 “Interior visions” solo exhibition. Tumbaco, Ecuador.

2012 “Visual enjoyment” solo exhibition. Quito, Ecuador.

2012 Invited artist and finalist for the "Detonarte" street art festival. Quito, Ecuador

2012 Illustration for article on “La Peste” magazine. Mexico City, Mexico.

2012 San Francisco de Quito University, Quito, Ecuador.

Achieved degrees:

Major   Environmental communication

Minor   Illustration and Sequential art

2011 Invited artist and finalist for the "Detonarte" street art festival. Quito, Ecuador

2011 “Visual enjoyment” solo exhibition. Quito, Ecuador.

2010 Cultural Scholarship “Ship for world youth” beneficiary. Tokyo, Japan.

2009 Feature on the painting salon “Eduardo Kingman”. Loja, Ecuador.